Interlocking Octahedron Necklace 89

We have created a dazzling geometric necklace that features six interlocking octahedra. An octahedron is one of the five Platonic Solids, and is the partner to the cube (its dual polyhedron). Just as the cube has six faces and eight corners, the octahedron has eight faces and six corners.

This revolutionary technique for 3D printed metal jewelry allows for such a complex design to be possible without the need for metalwork assembly.

Pairs perfectly with our Dangling Cubes Earrings.

Interlocking Octahedron Necklace in Brass:
Click to interact with a 3D model:
A 3D rendering:
View a photo. Interact with a 3D Model! A 3D Rendering of Interlocking Octahedron Necklace in Brass.