About Us

Christopher Hanusa

Welcome to Hanusa Design! I am Christopher Hanusa, a mathematician and mathematical artist. I create jewelry to share the beauty and precision of mathematics with a wider audience.

The cutting edge research that I generate and encounter as a mathematician informs my pieces. I am inspired geometric forms, fractals, tesselations, architecture, and mathematics appearing out in the world. I have always enjoyed design and visualization and I am excited to create wearable works of art for you!

All my pieces are first modeled on a computer using the computational software Mathematica. The concepts are translated into mathematical functions and are digitally rendered. Then the pieces are 3D printed, assembled, and sent on their way to a lucky math enthusiast.

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Be sure to check out Riemondrian, a Jewelry Collection inspired by the mathematician Riemann and artist Mondrian, in collaboration with mathematical artist Uyen Nguyen.

Christopher Hanusa's mathematical artwork has appeared in galleries worldwide and his mathematical research has been published in top research journals. 

Hanusa Design was selected to appear in the 2018 Bridges Fashion Show in Stockholm, Sweden. Our jewelry has appeared in New York Fashion Week. You can find our jewelry on sale in the National Museum of Mathematics

 National Museum of Mathematics        New York Fashion Week