Square Alcove Earrings (Metal)

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These earrings exhibit the symmetries of the square: the vertical and horizontal lines and the diagonals slice the square into triangles. Part of their charm arises from the asymmetric filling of these right triangles.

Dimensions: Each earring measures 0.8in (2.2cm) across.

Our Metal jewelry is created through a lost-wax casting process. A mold of the object is 3D printed in high-resolution wax, a plaster mold is created around the wax, and the wax is replaced by molten metal. Brass, Bronze, and Silver jewelry will patina over time.
Silver and Rhodium Plated Earrings feature sterling silver earwire. Brass and Gold Plated Earrings feature gold-filled earwire. Rose Gold Plated Earrings feature rose gold plated earwire.